Soap making Machine 100kg/hr ( Noodle Based; semi automatic)


100 kg per hour capacity

Noodles Based


Mixture Machine

Triple Roll Mill Machine

Duplex Plodder

Bar Cutting Machine

Rotatory Stamping



Mixture Machine: Mixture machine with contact parts M.O.C.M.S structure with contract parts S.S.304, Capacity 100kg/hr, Z blade (solid), Plate size: 12mm M.S. Side Plate +4mm S.S Plate 8mm, Gear Box- helical Crompton Greaves Ele. Motor: 5Hp

Triple Roll Mill Machine: M.O.C: Chilled Cast Roll, S.S, with contact Parts S.S-304, Roll Size: 8×20 inches, Body: M.S. Plate
6mm, Gare Box: Helical Cromption Greaves Elec.Motor: 3HP with the cooling system

Duplex Plodder: S.S 304 pipe and worm S.S 304 Size 6” Ploddder, structure, M.O.C. M.S. Structure with Contact Parts S.S. 304
S.S. 304 Pipe & Worm, S.S. 304 Net Gear Box: Helical Ele. Motor: 2hp, 3hp M.S. Channel Fabricated Structure

Bar Cutting Machine: Two Side embossing, manual cutting

Rotatory Stamping: MOC: contract parts, M.S